Spoton Virtual Fence Reviews: Is Its Performance Worth Your Choices?

Spoton Virtual Fence Reviews

What happens when your dog gets off the fence and gets off the leash to run after something?

If so, there’s a high chance you’ll lose it or even have to make up for the damage it caused. What is the ideal solution for this situation? Spoton virtual smart fence is the perfect proposition for keeping your pets.

With the help of this smart device, it will help your pet become more obedient and reasonable. Specifically, the mechanism of operation and the device’s features will be in detail through the Spoton Virtual Fence reviews below.

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Spoton Virtual Fence Overview

Spoton Virtual Fence is the first wireless GPS tracking and dog containment system in production, allowing dog owners to take their pets anywhere. You can set up containment positions via Spoton collars by owning this smart device.

In other words, it is a product that helps manage and monitor the range of a dog’s movement and contributes to the control and protection of pets so that they do not get lost.

The Spoton necklace has a smart app integrated on a smartphone regarding the working mechanism. That way, it’s easier to operate and set up. Whether at the beach or any other location, you can install it to protect your pet.

When your dog suddenly goes out of the preset management range, the Spoton system will automatically track its location and provide it to the owner after 6 seconds. Therefore, you will be able to catch the dog in time and find a way to get the dog to the right position.

Quick Rundown Of Spoton Virtual Fence

As with any product, it also has its pros and cons. Of course, the Spoton Virtual Fence is no exception. Specifically, the strengths and limitations of the device will be in detail in the article below!


The advantages of the Spoton Virtual Fence are extremely diverse. It helps both the operator and the pet. Specifically:

  • dog paw pros High accuracy:The design with a three-satellite point positioning system allows the device to accurately determine the location of pets so that they can be on time.
  • dog paw pros Ease of Installation: This smart device allows users to easily set up and control with simple construction and flexible components. All of these activities are done quickly via a downloadable smartphone app.
  • dog paw pros Comfort: The Spoton Virtual Fence has a modern design sized to fit your pet’s neck. It helps keep your dog comfortable to enjoy activities even when wearing the smart device around their neck.
  • dog paw pros High tracking and monitoring capabilities:The device can accurately track and send you full location notifications wherever your dog is. Thus, making it easier for you to manage your pet.
  • dog paw pros Long battery life: This product’s battery life is the most outstanding feature. The virtual fence allows for years of use to monitor and manage the range of pets.
  • dog paw pros Warranty: With a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, you can be assured of product quality.

In addition to the above strengths, this device also has certain limitations.

  • dog paw cons The most typical is the requirement for mobile coverage. When you go to areas with no mobile signal, tracking and monitoring pets through the SpotOn system will not be approved.
  • dog paw cons Expensive Products
  • dog paw cons Monthly Subscription fee

Features Highlights

If you are not familiar with the features of virtual fences, the following article is for you. Let’s look forward to it!

True Compactness

With built-in standard sizes, the Spoton Virtual Fence ensures it is suitable for all types of dogs of different ages. Besides, the device is also extremely light to help your dog move flexibly in many different positions. By using this innovative device, it is possible to track your pet’s exact location.

Active tracking

The Spoton system gives you an option to enable activity tracking on your device, allowing you to track your pet within about 10 feet quickly. If you want to monitor your pet’s location in detail, you must let your dog wear this smart collar.

Compared with many similar devices, Spoton is much more prominent for monitoring functions. It will send you details of the dog’s location and update again after 6 seconds. As such, your dog can’t be foundable while wearing this device.

Long battery life

With state-of-the-art technology, the device is guaranteed to provide a long service life for accurate and complete tracking. Each full charge can extend the use time up to 36 hours.

Longer battery life means fewer necklace malfunctions. Therefore, you can safely use this product to support your pet’s protection.

Virtual Fence

The Spoton Virtual Fence feature is easily customizable and allows you to create 1000 different fence posts. On the other hand, it can also support setting up virtual fences of any shape and size.

To activate the virtual fence, you need to walk around the surrounding area where you want to set up the virtual wall. If you want your dog to walk around the yard or garden, go around the area. After going around the perimeter, the virtual fence is automatically programmed and can be operated.

If you turn on the fence, around the newly set position will form a virtual wall. If your dog gets too close to the established virtual boundary, the system will beep loudly to help prevent them from going out of the virtual fence.

Subscription plan (monthly subscription fee)

The device manufacturer offers the first 60 days of free use to customers and only charges about $6.95 per month for pet management and supervision.

This service plan is too good for the features you get from the product. Accordingly, this device allows you to manage your pet up to about 10 feet and updates it every 6 seconds.


Can the device track a pet’s location in locations outside the home? Entirely possible. With three-point satellite positioning, the device can monitor and provide excellent accuracy of pets anytime, anywhere.

However, you need to ensure that you are in an area with cellular coverage to perform all positioning functions.


This smart device has an effective waterproof feature, so your pet can bathe and play comfortably in the rain.

The device can work and complete the tracking task no matter where your pet locates. This collar can manage your dog’s wildest experience.


The Spoton system works on any terrain. Regardless of the uneven terrain, the product can still work well. The device’s convenient pause function allows you to quickly set up a smart virtual fence by linking points without navigating the surface functions.

Is It Worth the money?

The Spoton system is the ideal proposition for monitoring your pet’s location. It is a valuable investment that ensures your dog’s safety and helps you find your pet quickly if they ever get lost.

Compared to the

Halo collar device, the Spoton is stronger in functionality and durability. The device is compatible with many surfaces and provides the pet’s exact location. This feature in Halo Collar is underdeveloped and not good to meet customers’ consumption criteria.

Overall, Spoton Virtual Fence is worthwhile and necessary for your pet. You will no longer have to worry about managing your dog through the device. All will be quickly monitored via smartphone.


Above are the most insightful, objective, and fair Spoton Virtual Fence reviews. The Spoton system is typical for modern science and technology applications.

Owning this device will ensure the observation and monitoring of the pet’s journey. It will save you more time and money. Whether you go to work or go in the car, you can track your dog’s location in detail.

Hopefully, this article will help you better understand the product features and make a final decision for buying the device.

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