Halo Collar Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money?

Halo Collar Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money?

Designed and supported by renowned expert Cesar Millan, Halo Collar is one of the most interesting fencing solutions available today.

More than simply a wireless pet control system, this product has many other useful features that you will want to own.

If you want to learn more about these interesting features and are interested in this product, please refer to Halo Collar Reviews below.

What is Halo Collar?

Halo 2 with Cesar Millan
Halo 2 with Cesar Millan

This device is a smart collar system that is the solution to your pet’s worry of getting out of the house and getting lost. The product is the result of research and technology development by leading experts in IoT and dog training expert Cesar Millan.

It can be that this device can replace the physical barrier, along with the ability to help you locate your pet instantly. In addition, the product is a smart boundary training product based on digital tracking technology.

More than 50,000 owners across the United States have trusted using this collar to protect their pet dogs better.

Is Halo Collar Suitable For You?

This device will be the new and most effective solution to reduce the situation of pets running away and getting lost. Don’t want your pet to be one of the approximately 10 million pets that go missing each year in the United States, don’t overlook this helpful protection solution.

Even if you are a new dog owner and are not familiar with proper dog training, you can still use this collar with ease. Especially because it comes with Cesar Millan’s 21-Day Training Program, you won’t want to miss the smart collar model that can enhance your dog parenting experience.

Outstanding Features

As mentioned, it possesses quite a few impressive features. And here are a few features that make the product successful:

3 Types of Feedback:

One of the commendable advantages of the smart necklace model is that it provides three-level feedback instead of the usual one like many products currently on the market.

Specifically, now, this version supports three feedback modes: vibration, sound, and static. More specifically, the manufacturer gives you complete control over these response levels so that you can find the most suitable setting for your pet.


Product GPS positioning application to track the activity and location of your pet dog. Specifically, as long as your pet wears a collar, you can easily locate them, even if the dog has left the house.

Halo has constantly upgraded the quality of the GPS, not only stopping there. You don’t have to worry about your pet breaking the collar and damaging the navigation system.

Action Tracking

More than simply a product that helps you track your pet’s location, this collar can also help you know all your dog’s activities through the Halo app.

The product tracks activity in real-time through the virtual fence, thereby providing preventive and encouraging feedback. Halo’s algorithms also allow data to be stored and reports that analyze the dog’s behavior, habits, and activity time.


Previously, most electric fence models would operate on the principle of electric shock to the pet. But Halo offers a safer alternative to this kind of negative reinforcement training with this device.

As mentioned in the previous section, the device allows users to customize the response on 3 levels: alarm sound, behavioral commands, vibration, and light shock. Thanks to the flexibility of training methods, you can safely guide your dog away from the boundaries with minimal injury.

With this device, you can safely unleash your four-legged friend. Even if you are too busy to monitor regularly, this device still gives you control to ensure that your pet is always in a safe zone.


One of the distinguishing features of this representative from Halo is technology. And thanks to the application of the most advanced technologies, you do not need to install wires to set up a virtual fence. Instead, you have a smarter, compact pet-safe solution.

Subscription plan (monthly subscription fee)

Halo doesn’t simply give you a product. This manufacturer also offers a training service from leading experts, combined with useful functions such as GPS tracking and activity positioning.

And to be able to experience the above perfect services, you only need to spend a minimum cost.

Specifically, with the Basic plan, for only $4.49/month, you can experience all the system’s best features, including unlimited mobile data. With advanced tracking content and premium training, you can choose Silver and Gold packages for $9.99/month and $29.99/month.

Basic Plan $.15 per day (billed monthly at $4.49) Everything you need for the world’s safest smart fence system. The Basic Plan lets you create up to 20 automated fences with access to the data, storage, basic tracking, and training content you need to keep your dog safe with even more peace of mind.
Silver Plan $.33 per day (billed monthly at $9.99) In addition to basic features, go beyond Halo Fences! The Silver Plan provides with even more customizable options, advanced activity tracking, historical data, and logs to track your dog’s feedback response progress over time.
Gold Plan $.99 per day (billed monthly at $29.99) Get the most out of Halo with the ultimate training experience! The Gold Plan gives you all the features of a Silver Plan, plus NEW premium training lessons released each month, live sessions with expert trainers, and Q&As with experts to get personalized training support.

Easy setup

The Halo Collar wouldn’t be such a popular product if it were a difficult device to set up, only for professionals. In contrast, the product does not require many biological applications or tools to function. Instead, all you need to prepare is a necklace set, and a mobile device with the Halo app installed.

For example, if you want to set up a wireless fence, walk around the area you want to set up with the necklace in hand. Or you can also sit at home and use the built-in in-app map. With just a few taps of marking specific points on the map, you can create boundaries anywhere you and your pet can go.

By manipulating the app, you can set up up to 20 smart fences, ensuring maximum safety for your four-legged friend.

Smart design

Halo Collar has a rather special design when it combines many different devices. This necklace model is a GPS tracking device and can act as a smart fence. At the same time, the device can also monitor the activity, and health and provide reports on the activity habits and behavior of the pet.

It can be that the smart design of the device helps you not need to buy each device individually but still get the expected results. Besides, while this product is not the best budget option you can have, it is the smartest investment by far.

Quick Rundown Of Halo Collar 

The information above is enough to convince you to choose Halo Collar Reviews. To be able to make the best decision, in addition to considering the wide range of available advantages, you also need to know some of the remaining disadvantages of this product:

  • dog paw pros It can be an alternative to electric fence necklaces that are complex and inefficient to operate.
  • dog paw pros Naturally, train the dog with the least damage.
  • dog paw pros The mobile app controls your pet’s location, activity, and activity habits.
  • dog paw pros It can act as a smart virtual fence.
  • dog paw pros Durable, it can withstand the force of pet bites and tear.
  • dog paw cons Not the best option for the budget.
  • dog paw cons It may not be suitable for sensitive dogs.
  • dog paw cons Requires a monthly subscription.

Is It Worth Buying?

Halo Collar owns many advanced technologies which solve your many different problems, from locating and training to monitoring your pet’s activity and healthy habits.

With convenience, compactness, intelligence, and durability, this tracking collar model promises to accompany your pet and you for a long time, meeting all expectations.

But the question is, is this product already the best option in the price range? In particular, quite a few users are hesitant between Halo Collar and spot on the virtual fence – a product that also possesses many advantages.

Halo Collar is still an option worth considering when putting two devices on the scale. Because compared to Spoton, the representative from Halo is much stronger. In particular, as the manufacturer proudly affirms, Halo Collar is capable of withstanding harsh conditions and great impact.

In addition, quite a few SpotOn users complained about the system being difficult to set up and the application frequently crashing – two disadvantages that never appeared on Halo Collar models.

Therefore, with a mobile application that works smoothly and supports many utilities, combined with quite a high location accuracy, it can be that Halo Collar is completely ahead of the spoton virtual fence in terms of performance.


The first time you come into contact with the product, you may not believe the high price of this pet collar. And in fact, you can also find some products at a much lower price.

However, only when you use this device can you see how well Halo has met and exceeded all user expectations.

And hope that the above Halo Collar Reviews will help you, whether a dog owner or dog trainer, have a deeper look at this product.

Instead of being affected by the price, try to consider the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above. That way, you won’t miss out on one of the most remarkable devices.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below so that we can give you the most timely and accurate answer.

Finally, don’t forget to share this article with your friends or relatives who might be considering using this version.

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